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Featured Promo Slider

The Featured Promo Slider allows you to place three or more promotional images with accompanying text and links in a promo section, over a background image or color, with the ability to "slide" through them left or right.

Note:This is a 'full-width' snippet that can only be placed in a Promo Section and not in a Main Content Area.


featured slider

How to Use

1. Click on the snippet button in the toolbar.

2. Select the Sliders category

3. Choose the 'Featured Promo Sider - Section' snippet

4. The top part of the table allows you to adjust the borders, padding and margins, but the default settings are suggested.

5. You can then choose a background image, or a background color (using a hex code).

To choose a background image, click on the background image field and then click on the edit/insert image icon in the toolbar.

Note that you will be directed to a background images folder that contains approved background images that are formatted appropriately.  You will not be able to insert your own background image.

6. After choosing an image or background color, edit the content of each slider element. There are three elements or 'cards' in the default slider. To add more, right-click in the last row and select 'ROW - COPY ROW' to add a fourth card to the slider (each row is a card).

For each row, choose or upload an image to use, add descriptive content, a URL to link to and the link text.

featured slider edit table

Note that there is also a snippet called 'Featured Promo Slider' that does not place a background image or color around the slider. This can be used within an existing promo section.

7. Save and preview.  Publish.