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Snippet Library

This section will show you the variety of snippets available to you for use on your site.

What is a snippet?

A snippet is a pre-defined container of content designed to allow you to quickly add features to your site. For example, you may want to embed a YouTube video, add accordion dropown menus, create a visually interesting layout, or include a social media feed. With snippets, you can do that, and more!

When you are working in the editor, the snippets look like tables, and you enter content in the various table cells.  When you save the page, you will see the rendered snippet in the page preview.


Things to Know

1. Use Chrome as Your Browser

When editing snippets, you are working in tables and many of the snippets have dropdown options within the table for different features of the snippet. You may find that these dropdowns do not work if you are in a browser like Firefox or Safari or Edge, either for Mac or PC. So rather than use  or another browser, use Chrome. (This is something that could change in future iterations of Omni CMS.)

2. You Have Options

optionsSome of the snippets have an options table where you can adjust certain settings. By default, the options table is hidden, and you can simply enter content in the various table cells for that snippet.

However, if you would like to open the options section and make changes, you can!

In the lower right-hand corner of the editor you will see a floating button with an eyeball and the word 'Options.' Click it and the options section will open up and you can make changes. Click 'Options' again and the section hides away.

3. Full-Width Snippets and Promo Sections

promo sectionsYour site's interior pages have a Main Content Area which may or may not have a side navigation next to it, and then below that there are 8 Promo Sections which sit outside the Main Content Area and are the full width of the page with no space for side navigation (the home page also has Promo Sections).

Some snippets are 'full-width' snippets that can only be placed in these Promo Sections and not in a Main Content Area. Those snippets are mostly Page Layout snippets and will be labeled accordingly on this help site.

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