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Omni CMS Training Videos

Welcome to our Omni Content Management System (CMS) video training series!

The seven videos below replicate our in-person training sessions, covering the following:

  • Logging in, editing and publishing
  • An overview of the CMS, including page actions and versions
  • Using the editing toolbar
  • Images and the image editor
  • Side navigation
  • Creating new pages, sections and folders
  • Snippets and assets
  • The home page and hero region

The combined length of the videos is just under an hour, or about the same amount of time as an in-person training session.

We encourage users to look through the Support Center and the Snippet Library for detailed help documentation. There is also a videos page with support videos produced by Modern Campus.  To register new users or to contact us, please go to the Contact page.

NOTE: Omni CMS was previously called OU Campus, which is found in the titles of the videos.


Logging In and Overview will show you how to log into the CMS, and quickly edit and publish a page. It also provides a brief overview of the system.

Page Editing and Toolbar Functions will review in detail the functions within the editor toolbar.

New Page, New Section and New Folder will show you how to create these items in the CMS.

Images and Image Editor will review how to upload and place images on a web page and how to use the CMS's buit-in image editor.

Side Navigation will explain how auto sidenavigation works in the CMS, and what to do when you create a new page or change page properties within a content section.

Snippets and Assets will review how to add and use snippets and assets on your websites.

Home Page Properties and Hero Section will review the features of your home page, or index page, and how to manage its page properties and the hero region.