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Select the nature of your request below. If it is a general help request, fill out the 'Support Ticket' form and select the topic that best describes the nature of your request. If you are requesting a new site to be built or if you have a user who needs access to the CMS, please choose one of those forms. 


  • Support Ticket

    If you are having trouble using Omni CMS and cannot find a solution in our Support Center, fear not!  Just fill out the following form and one of our support team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • New Site Request

    Please fill out the form below. Your answers will help us expedite the setup of your site in the Omni CMS content management system (CMS). Any field that is not required, only fill out if applicable.

    Enter your full name
    Enter your SBU email address
    Enter your SBU phone number
    Enter the URL of your current website, if one exists
    Enter the title of the new site
    Enter what the URL of the new site should be (i.e.,, subject to availability and approval
    Is this site a division of a larger group, school or college?
    Enter keywords that should be associated with your website
    Enter a short description of the site (limit 200 words)
    Enter your Facebook URL
    Enter your Twitter URL
    Enter your Instagram URL
    Enter your YouTube URL
    Enter your Flickr URL
    Enter your LinkedIn URL
  • New User Request

    Please fill out the following form if you are requesting access to Omni CMS for a new user. PLEASE NOTE that we will require the user's name, email and NetID (not their employee ID number!). If you need multiple users, please refresh the page after seeing the confirmation message and fill out the form again for each additional user.

    The full name of the user who needs access
    The NetID of the new user (not the employee number!)
    The email address of the new user
    The URL of the site or sites that the user needs access to. (Note: Must be in the OU Campus CMS, full URL will sometimes include /commcms/)
  • Calendar User Request

    Please fill out the following form if you are requesting access to an events calendar.

    What calendar or category are you requesting access for?
  • Join the OmniCMS Community Forum
    This community forum will be a place where Omni CMS users from across campus can share ideas and tips, ask questions, and collaborate with one another.  We look forward to hearing your ideas and seeing great examples of your work in the CMS. 
    If you are interested in joining the community forum please fill out the form below.

    *Important Reminder: 
    This community forum should not be used to submit help requests to Marketing & Communications, it is a 100% community-supported forum.