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What is Omni CMS?

Omni CMS is a web content management system provided by Modern Campus, and is used by hundreds of colleges and universities to manage their websites.

Website editing is done with a web browser – meaning you can update your site from anywhere, anytime as long as you have an Internet connection. With Omni CMS, you can easily update your Stony Brook website.

Omni CMS is very easy to use. Website editors don’t need to know HTML, and don’t need any special software.

Web pages are created with templates, which are based on official Stony Brook brand and approved for use by the  Office of Marketing and Communications. Omni CMS is flexible and modular, meaning that you can have sidebars, menus, slideshows, image galleries, calendar feeds, social media posts, RSS feeds, video embeds and more! (Browse through the Snippet Library to learn more about what you can do.)

Omni CMS is run in a Software as a Service (SaaS) environment. With SaaS, Modern Campus hosts the Omni CMS application and Stony Brook hosts the production servers. When you create and save a web page, all that work is done on the Omni CMS staging server. When you publish your page (or site), a copy is sent to the production server, and your site is live for the world to see.

The Benefits of Omni CMS

Modern Campus (formerly known as Omni Update) was selected by the Office of Marketing and Communications in 2008 for several reasons, chief among them ease of use for the end user. Since the user does not need to know HTML, we often say, “If you can use Word, you can use Omni CMS.”

Other factors in our decision to use Omni CMS include:

  • It is designed specifically for the higher education sector
  • It is the top-rated higher-ed CMS, as  researched by .eduGuru.
  • It has a scalable, modular design that can handle hundreds of sites, thousands of users, and millions of pages
  • It is designed to industry standards, including W3C, XML/XSL, RSS, ADA Section 508, and LDAP


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