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Get Started with Omni CMS

Here's how to get started using Omni CMS to manage your website:

  1. Contact us – Submit a New Site Request, letting us know that your department is interested in using Omni CMS to manage your website.
  2. Intake  – We will review your site needs and next steps, which will include requesting individual user licenses. This can be done by email, phone, or in an intake meeting.
  3. Provide a site map – You will provide us with a site map indicating the main content areas, subpages and homepage features you are requesting, and any links to social media. We will then complete initial site setup.
  4. Schedule training – We will schedule you a training session if you'd like one, or you can choose to review our training video series to learn on your own. Your team will also be provided with usernames and passwords so you may begin working on your site.
  5. Site review and launch – We will review the site with you to ensure that the site is functional and all content is accounted for. We will then launch your site, whether it is a brand-new site or replacing an old site.


Submit a New Site Request