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M/C - Management Confidential



Management/Confidential (M/C)

Employees designated management or confidential by the Public Employment Relations Board are not members of a negotiating unit. The Taylor Law does not permit them to organize or to bargain collectively on terms and conditions of employment because of the nature of their work. M/C employees formulate policy, assist directly in preparing for or conducting negotiations, administer labor agreements, or assist in a confidential capacity those employees who have employee relations responsibilities. M/C employees cover a broad range of occupations including managers, middle managers, and specialists in fields as diverse as education, law, computer science, medicine, administrative support, and law enforcement.


Management Confidential positions serve at the pleasure of the President, subject to the State University of New YorkPolicies of the Board of Trusteesand to the New York State Public Officer's Law.

Salary Deferral Program:

Management Confidential (Bargaining Unit 13) members are required to participate in the New York State Deficit Reduction Legislation Program. This program requires the withholding of one day’s salary from your first five paychecks.
→The five day salary deferral payment will be sent to you six weeks after your permanent separation from State Service.
→The repayment will be at your current salary or the salary it was withheld at, whichever is higher.
→UUP employees do not participate in the Salary Deferral Program


My New York State Health Insurance Program

MYNYSHIP is a secure website where active, eligible NYS employees can access their health insurance enrollment information, update or change their mailing address and order new insurance cards. 


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