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West Campus, Health Sciences, and School of Medicine


Please find your employment group for detailed benefits information that may apply to you.
    • New Employees: It is located on your offer letter. If you need a copy of your offer letter, please contact your department administrator.

    • Current Employees:  Current benefit eligible State employees will find it next to "Pay Group" on their paychecks. Current benefit eligible RF employees belong to the RF employment group. 

    • Prospective Employees: If the posting is no longer available, please contact
Employment Group Abbreviation  Type #
CSEA Civil Service Employees Association CSEA Administrative Services Unit (ASU) 02
CSEA Civil Service Employees Association CSEA Operational Services Unit (OSU) 03
CSEA Civil Service Employees Association CSEA Institutional Services Unit (ISU) 04
Public Employees Federation  PEF Professional, Scientific & Technical (PST) 05
United University Professions  UUP Professional 08
Management Confidential M/C  Professional 13
NY State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association, Inc. NYSCOPBA  Security Services Unit (SSU) non-arb 21
Graduate Student Employees Union GSEU    28
Police Benevolent Association of NY, Inc. PBANYS  Agency Police
Services Unit (APSU)
Research Foundation RF   RF