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OLLI - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute


OLLI members come from all walks of life and career paths and is open to retired and semi-retired individuals aged 50 or older regardless of their level of education or career experience, who are interested in a diverse learning environment that fosters mutual sharing of ideas, life experiences and the love of learning.  There are no tests, no grades—no pre-requisites to join!

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Volunteer Opportunities by Interest

The Center for Service Learning and Community Service regularly promotes and creates opportunities for service. Opportunities can range from a commitment of a few hours a week to a full-time service position. Fill out the form below to let us know what kinds of opportunities you are interested in. 

Opportunities by Interest

On-Campus & Off-Campus Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering and giving back to others is a vital part of community life, especially at Stony Brook University. By volunteering, you can gain excellent experience for your future career, develop teamwork and leadership skills, and better understand social issues that exist in our society. 

On-Campus Volunteering

Off-Campus Volunteering

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