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Benefits Office



Make an appointment with a staff member to receive information about your retiree benefits including

⇒ The eligibility requirements for continuing your health insurance /prescription drug benefits in retirement.

⇒The required forms that must be completed in order to continue your health insurance /prescription drug benefits in retirement.

OLLI - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute


OLLI members come from all walks of life and career paths and is open to retired and semi-retired individuals aged 50 or older regardless of their level of education or career experience, who are interested in a diverse learning environment that fosters mutual sharing of ideas, life experiences and the love of learning.  There are no tests, no grades—no pre-requisites to join!

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Save Your Sick Days!

State Employees: Unused sick leave accruals can be converted into monetary value to offset out-of-pocket health insurance premiums during retirement.

RF Employees: If you are eligible for the retiree health benefit, RF in Albany will contact the Payroll Office to find out how much sick time you have after you actually retire. They will make an additional pension contribution to TIAA by multiplying the value of your accrued sick days (to a maximum of 200 days) by the current percent they contribute for your retirement.

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