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ICB&DD 13th Annual Symposium 

“Frontiers of Infectious Disease Control”

 We are pleased to announce the ICB&DD 13th Annual Symposium, “Frontiers of Infectious Disease Control”, which will be held at the Charles B. Wang Center on Thursday, October 10 2019 (9:00AM–5:00PM; Reception 5:00–6:00PM).  The ICB&DD Annual Symposium is thematically focused on cutting-edge advances in chemical biology, structural and computational biology, cancer and infectious diseases, and drug discovery.  The Symposium invites renowned scholars in the field as well as highly recognized researchers on campus to present their exciting accomplishments and stimulate the exchange of innovative ideas among speakers, faculty, staff, and students on campus as well as researchers at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, academia and industries in the greater NY metropolitan area. 

The Plenary Lecturers this year are:

Dr. Alita Miller, Entasis Therapeutics

Dr. Marvin Miller, University of Notre Dame

Dr. Michal Olszewski, University of Michigan Medical School

Dr. John Perfect,  Duke University, School of Medicine

Dr. Peter Smith, Genentech

Dr. Peter Tonge, Stony Brook University

Dr. Gerry Wright, McMaster University

There will be poster sessions on recently completed and ongoing projects conducted in the ICB&DD member's laboratories as well as relevant research laboratories in the area. Awards will be given to the best three posters.

Please see the program for the schedule and more information.

We are looking forward to another stimulating and productive symposium!

Best regards,   

Maurizio Del Poeta, M.D 
Chair, Organizing Committee

 Adam Rosebrock, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Co-Chair, Organizing Committee<

 Eszter Boros, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Chair, Poster Session

 Iwao Ojima, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor
Director, ICB&DD