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Please join me in congratulating Iwao Ojima on being elected to the European Academy of Sciences. 

Congratulations Iwao, this is wonderful news!   More


Please join me in congratulating Carlos Simmerling.  His team was just announced as the winners of this year's Gordon Bell Prize for their work on COVID-19!  The prize recognizes outstanding achievement in high-performance computing applications.


Congratulations Carlos, this is great news!


Dr. Peter Khalifah is featured in this news article on…
The technique is in some ways a form of reverse engineering that uses computer algorithms to
build and evaluate all the plausible structures of a material.   


Congratulations to Prof. Bhatia and all of the other new Rheology Society Fellows!



Please join me in congratulating Zach Katsamanis on his advancement to Senior Lecturer!
Zach Katsamanis has been a lecturer at the Department of Chemistry for nearly 14 years. He is the coordinator for the two organic chemistry course sequences (CHE 321/322 and CHE 331/332), leading one of the largest groups of undergraduate TAs that guide students through active learning. Zach earned his PhD at Stony Brook under Prof. Nancy Goroff.



From Batteries to Drugs: Stony Brook Chemistry in 2020
Dr. Peter Tonge, Distinguished Professor and Chair gave a highly informative presentation about
the development of the department, the quality of its research and how they have gone
#FarBeyond to build on the legacy of Nobel Laureate Paul Lauterbur. A link to the recording:
Sponsored by the Stony Brook Alumni Association and the College of Arts and Sciences



Please join me in congratulating Eszter Boros who has been selected as the 2020 Jonathan L. Sessler Fellow by the American Chemical Society. The Jonathan L. Sessler Fellowship recognizes emerging leaders in bioinorganic and medicinal inorganic chemistry. 

Congratulations Eszter, this is wonderful news!!



Eszter Boros, assistant professor in the College of Arts and Sciences Department of Chemistry, was named a 2020 Moore Inventor Fellow by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. The fellowship supports scientist-inventors who create new tools and technologies with a high potential to accelerate progress in the foundation’s areas of interest: scientific discovery, environmental conservation and patient care. Boros was nominated for the fellowship based on the commercial potential of her research, combining a radioactive targeted molecular probe and therapeutic that has the potential to provide pre-operative nuclear imaging and subsequent radiotherapeutic intervention for incurable prostate cancer.