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Pfizer - SBU Symposium

This annual symposium co-hosted by Pfizer and SBU Chemistry seeks to emphasize the importance of basic science research in drug discovery and development. By pairing lectures from accomplished Pfizer scientists and New York or New England-area academics, this symposium highlights cutting edge discoveries in the broad fields of synthetic organic, medicinal, and biological chemistry. SBU Chemistry is grateful to Pfizer, our cross-sound neighbors, for supporting this symposium.

 Date:    September 28, 2023
Danica Rankic
 Senior Director and Head of Synthesis - Internal Medicine, Medicinal Chemistry, Pfizer
"Synthetic Innovation at the Interface of Drug Discovery and Development"

Patricia Zhang Musacchio
Leonard P. Kinnicutt  Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
"Mild Strategies in the Direct Generation of Carbocation Intermediates from C(sp3)–H Bonds"