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Gary Sherman

Assistant Professor, Management

PhD, University of Virginia

Office:  204 Harriman Hall

Research Interests: Gary Sherman’s research interests range from social hierarchy and its role in the inner workings of groups and organizations to ethics, including the organizational and social conditions that encourage ethical behavior.

Teaching Interests: Business Ethics

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  • Biography

    Biography of Gary Sherman

    Gary Sherman received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Virginia. Before joining Stony Brook, Sherman was a postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching and at the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School. His work has appeared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, and Psychological Science.

  • Education


    SchoolDegreeMajorDate CompletedDistinction
    University of VirginiaPhDSocial Psychology2011
    University of Virginia BAPsychology2004
  • Scheduled Teaching

    Scheduled Teaching

    Course NamePrefixNumberSectionCreditsLevelSemesterYear
    Business EthicsBUS44733UndergraduateSpring2020
    Ethics in ManagementMBA50713GraduateSpring2020
    Business EthicsBUS44743UndergraduateFall2019
    Ethics in ManagementMBA50713GraduateFall2019
    Business EthicsBUS44733UndergraduateSpring2019
    Ethics in ManagementMBA50713GraduateSpring2019
    Business EthicsBUS44743UndergraduateFall2018
    Ethics in ManagementMBA50713GraduateFall2018
    Business EthicsBUS44733UndergraduateSpring2018
    Ethics in ManagementMBA50713GraduateSpring2018
    Business EthicsBUS44743UndergraduateFall2017
    Ethics in ManagementMBA50713GraduateFall2017
    Business EthicsBUS44733UndergraduateSpring2017
    Ethics in ManagementMBA50713GraduateSpring2017
    Business EthicsBUS44743UndergraduateFall2016
    Ethics and LawMBA50713GraduateFall2016
    Business EthicsBUS44733UndergraduateSpring2016
    Ethics and LawMBA50713GraduateSpring2016
    Ethics and LawMBA50713GraduateFall2015
    Business EthicsBUS44733UndergraduateSpring2015
    Ethics and LawMBA50713GraduateSpring2015
    Ethics and LawMBA50713GraduateFall2014
  • Publications


    TypeClassificationStatusTitleJournal NamePublisherPublication YearVolIssuePageLink
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedPerformance Feedback, Power Retention, and the Gender Gap in LeadershipLeadership Quarterly2017286721-740
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedSex differences in cortisol's regulation of affiliative behavior.Hormones and Behavior2016
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedPerceiving Other's Feelings: The Importance of Personality and Social StructureSocial Psychological and Personality ScienceSAGE Publications201565559–569
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedThe Interaction of Testosterone and Cortisol Is Associated With Attained Status in Male Executives.Journal of Personality and Social PsychologyAmerican Psychological Association2015
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedLeadership is associated with lower levels of stressProceedings of the National Academy of SciencesNational Acad Sciences201210917903–17907
  • Presentations


    When Taking Action Means Taking Responsibility: Omission Bias Predicts Reluctance to Vaccinate Due to Greater Anticipated Culpability for Negative Side EffectsPaperMarketing and Public PolicyAMABasic or Discovery Scholarship2018