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Danling Jiang

Professor, Finance

PhD, The Ohio State University

Office:  345 Harriman Hall


Research Interests: Behavioral and Social Approaches to Equity and Digital Asset Pricing and Corporate Finance, Individual, Household, and Analyst Behavior

Teaching Interests: Investments (Undergraduate and Master’s Levels), Behavioral Finance (Undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD Levels), Theoretical and Empirical Asset Pricing (PhD level)

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  • Biography

    Biography of Danling Jiang

    Danling Jiang is a Full Professor of Finance and Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Development at the College of Business, Stony Brook University. Dr. Jiang’s research involves studying equity and digital asset investments, corporate finance, and financial decision making from behavioral and social finance approaches. Her research typically integrates economics, psychology, political science, and sociology into finance. Her work has been published in leading journals spanning the fields of finance, management, accounting, and judgment and decision making, including Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Financial Studies, Management Science, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Review of Finance, Review of Asset Pricing Studies, Review of Accounting Studies, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Financial Markets, and Financial Analysts Journal, among others. She serves in different roles for many journals in finance, economics, management, and psychology as well as for various publishers, funding agencies, and academic conferences and associations. Dr. Jiang received a Ph.D. in finance from the Ohio State University.

  • Education


    SchoolDegreeMajorDate CompletedDistinction
    The Ohio State UniversityPhDFinance2006
    The Ohio State UniversityMAEconomics2001
    Nanjing UniversityBAFinance1999Summa cum laude
  • Scheduled Teaching

    Scheduled Teaching

    Course NamePrefixNumberSectionCreditsLevelSemesterYear
    Investment AnalysisBUS35513UndergraduateSpring2022
    Invstmnt AnlyssFIN53913GraduateSpring2022
    Bhvrl FnnceFIN57813GraduateFall2021
    Investment AnalysisBUS35513UndergraduateSpring2021
    Invstmnt AnlyssFIN53913GraduateSpring2021
    Bhvrl FnnceFIN57813GraduateFall2020
    Investment AnalysisBUS35513UndergraduateSpring2020
    Invstmnt AnlyssFIN53913GraduateSpring2020
    Bhvrl FnnceFIN57813GraduateFall2019
    Investment AnalysisBUS35513UndergraduateSpring2019
    Invstmnt AnlyssFIN53913GraduateSpring2019
    Bhvrl FnnceFIN57813GraduateFall2018
    Finance Research PracticumFIN580013Spring2018
    Invstmnt AnlyssFIN539S013GraduateSpring2018
    Your Money, Your FutureITS102S201Spring2018
    Bhvrl FnnceFIN57813GraduateFall2017
    Bhvrl FnnceFIN57813GraduateSpring2017
    Finance Research PracticumFIN580013Spring2017
    Invstmnt AnlyssFIN539S013GraduateFall2016
  • Publications


    TypeClassificationStatusTitleJournal NamePublisherPublication YearVolIssuePageLink
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedBlockchain Speculation or Value Creation? Evidence from Corporate InvestmentsFinancial ManagementWiley Online Library202150727–746View
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    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedMood Beta and Seasonalities in Stock ReturnsJournal of Financial EconomicsElsevier20201371272-295View
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedPre-holiday Corporate Announcement EffectJournal of Financial MarketsElsevier20194561-82View
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    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedShort Interest as a Signal to Issue EquityJournal of Corporate FinanceElsevier201848797-815View
    Book ChapterBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedIndividual InvestorsOxford University Press201745-63View
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedThe Human Capital That Matters: Expected Returns and High-Income HouseholdsReview of Financial StudiesOxford University Press20162992523–2563View
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedCultural New Year holidays and stock returns around the worldFinancial ManagementWiley20164513–35View
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedPolitical contributions and analyst behaviorReview of Accounting StudiesSpringer US201621137–88View
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedPolitical Values, Culture, and Corporate LitigationManagement ScienceInforms201561122905–2925View
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    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedThe second moment matters! Cross-sectional dispersion of firm valuations and expected returnsJournal of Banking & FinanceElsevier201337103974–3992View
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    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedA cross-cultural study of reference point adaptation: Evidence from China, Korea, and the USOrganizational Behavior and Human Decision ProcessesElsevier2010112299–111View
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedA financing-based misvaluation factor and the cross-section of expected returnsReview of Financial StudiesOxford University Press20102393401–3436View
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedIs A better than B? How affect influences the marketing and pricing of financial securitiesFinancial Analysts JournalCFA Institute201066640–54View
    Journal ArticleBasic or Discovery ScholarshipPublishedReference point adaptation: Tests in the domain of security tradingOrganizational Behavior and Human Decision ProcessesElsevier2008105167–81View
  • Presentations


    Behavioral Perspective of Frontier Finance Research TopicsLectureSeminarSmith ForumSchool of Economics. Nanjing UniversityApplied or Integration/Application ScholarshipJuly2020
    Game in Another Town: Geography of Investor Attention and Stock ValuationKeynote/Plenary AddressConferenceInternational Conference on Financial System Stability of Emerging MarketsCapital University of Economics and BusinessBasic or Discovery ScholarshipJuly2020
    COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Individuals: Rethinking Investing and Asset AllocationLectureWorkshopMoney Management in COVID-19 Pandemic WorkshopChinese Association for Science and Technology, Great New York ChapterApplied or Integration/Application ScholarshipApril2020
    Weather, Institutional Investors, and Earnings NewsPaperConferenceChinese International Conference in Finance ChinaBasic or Discovery ScholarshipJuly2019
    We Adopt! Corporate Blockchain Investments and Stock Market ReactionsKeynote/Plenary AddressConference2019 NYC Block Plus Summit Series 2BitMart LabsNYUnited StatesApplied or Integration/Application ScholarshipMay2019
    Mood Beta and Seasonalities in Stock ReturnsPaperSeminarSociety of Quantitative Analysts SeminarSociety of Quantitative Analysts NYUnited StatesApplied or Integration/Application ScholarshipDecember2018
    Lawyer CEOsPaperPanelAnnual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies in Asia (CELS)Cornell Law SchoolNYUnited StatesBasic or Discovery ScholarshipOctober2017
    Mood Beta and Seasonalities in Stock ReturnsPaperConferenceChinese International Conference of FinanceChinaBasic or Discovery ScholarshipJuly2017
    Lawyer CEOsPaperConference1st Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies in Asia Academia SinicaTaiwanBasic or Discovery ScholarshipJune2017
    Lawyer CEOsPaperConferenceAmerican Law and Economics AssociationYale Law SchoolCTUnited StatesBasic or Discovery ScholarshipMay2017
    Long and Short Memory in the Risk-neutral Pricing Process PaperConferenceComputational Management Science 2017University of Bergamo, Georgia Institute of Technology and CMS JournalItalyBasic or Discovery ScholarshipMay2017
    Mood Beta and Seasonalities in Stock ReturnsPaperConferenceAmerican Economic Association and Association of Financial Economists Annual MeetingILUnited StatesBasic or Discovery ScholarshipJanuary2017
    'Tis the Season! Mood-based Cross-Section of Stock ReturnsPaperConference2nd CEIBS Finance ConferenceChinaBasic or Discovery ScholarshipMay2016