Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2022

Graduate Program Directors

It is the prerogative of the faculty members of any graduate program at the Stony Brook University to recommend a Graduate Program Director to the Graduate School.  The Dean of the Graduate School may accept the nomination or, after consultation with Academic Deans and/or the Provost, reject the nomination.  The Graduate School will collaborate in monitoring the function of the Graduate Program Directors.  The Dean of the Graduate School may remove a Graduate Program Director after consultation with the Department Chair, Unit Head, Academic Dean, and/or the Provost.

It is the policy of the Graduate School that the Graduate Program Director shall normally be chosen from a program’s Full Professors.  Any exceptions to this policy must be explained and justified to the Dean of the Graduate School.  In cases in which there is an associate director or its equivalent, that position shall be filled from among the tenured faculty.  Again, the Dean of the Graduate School will evaluate requests for exceptions to this policy.