Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2022

Leave of Absence

Graduate students (*except those programs under the School of Professional Development - see below*) may request a leave of absence by submitting a Request for Leave of Absence form to the graduate program director. This form can be downloaded at If the graduate program director approves the request, the form is then forwarded to the Graduate School. The final decision on all leave of absences is made by the Dean. Leaves of absence are subject to the following conditions.

• They may be granted for one semester or year at a time, and are renewable upon request for a maximum of two years. At the end of this two-year period, a leave of absence will be terminated and the student will be considered to have withdrawn from the university.

• Leaves should be requested prior to the beginning of the semester.

• The student must have been registered for the previous semester.

• International students must obtain approval of an international student advisor.

• Any semester in which a student is on an approved leave of absence does not count in the calculation of the student’s time limit for degree completion.

• A student on leave will not be able to use University facilities, submit any work towards a degree, or consult with their advisor.

• Military leaves of absence will be granted for the duration of obligated service to students in good standing.

• A student on academic probation may be granted a leave of absence with the understanding that reenrollment is subject to conditions imposed by the Graduate School and the program. These conditions will be specified in writing at the time the leave is approved.

• Medical leaves require a certified doctors note. Questions pertaining to health insurance coverage for students on or going on a medical leave  should  be directed to  Student Health Services  

• Students planning to return from leaves should complete a Readmission Form for Graduate Students, which can be downloaded at Students should submit this form to their program for departmental approval by the chair or director. The program then forwards this form to the Graduate School for final approval and processing. Students are advised to begin the readmission process preferably two months in advance of the term for which they wish to register.

  • Students returning from a currently approved Leave of Absence are generally guaranteed readmission.
  • Students not on an official Leave of Absence must pay a $500 readmission fee.
  • International students must submit a new financial affidavit and be cleared by an international student advisor before readmission can be approved.

The program or the Graduate School may set specific requirements to be fulfilled by the readmitted student during the first year of their readmission. Readmission will be revoked for students who do not fulfill these requirements.

More information regarding access to systems after taking a leave of absence or withdrawal from the University can be found here.