Graduate School Bulletin

Spring 2023

I (Incomplete)

An I is an interim grade given at the discretion of the instructor at the student’s request and upon evidence that good cause, such as serious illness, prevented the student’s completion of course requirements. In granting a grade of I, the instructor signifies a willingness to receive student work and submit grades in accordance with official deadlines and policies.

• Auditing a subsequent offering of the course may not make up an Incomplete.

• Final grades for students granted temporary grades of Incompletes "I", must be submitted by the subsequent term. The deadline for "I" grade completion is listed on the academic calendar each semester and is published by the Registrar's Office. However, the instructor may require that the work be completed at any time prior to the end of the Incomplete extension period. Students should confer with their instructors to establish the deadline for the work to be completed.

• An instructor may request an extension of the original Incomplete by sending written notification to the Office of Records/Registrar before the Academic Calendar deadline date. Any extension will usually be limited to the last day of classes of the semester following that in which the course was taken. Any subsequent extensions beyond the deadline must be approved by the Graduate School.

• If final grades are not reported to the Office of Records/Registrar by the specified dates, the grade of I will automatically change to I/F.