Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2022

Evaluation of Assistantship Performance

The appropriate academic and assistantship obligations of teaching and graduate assistants as they relate to levels of support are defined by the departments and, in the case of graduate research assistants, faculty advisors.

For reasons analogous to those given for the need for academic evaluations, graduate students are entitled to periodic assessment of their performance in their assistantship roles. Departments are to make the criteria for assessing assigned responsibilities available in writing to students in these positions (teaching assistants, graduate assistants, and graduate research assistants). To optimize the benefits of the process a written report is to be prepared for each student. The report is to be signed by both the evaluator(s) and the student to acknowledge that both have reviewed the report. A student who has inadequately fulfilled assistantship responsibilities is to be notified in writing in a timely manner of specific deficiencies, acceptable remedies, and the consequence of not remedying the deficiencies. The student may submit a formal response that will be attached to the evaluation. A copy of the signed report is to be given to the student and the original placed in the student's departmental file. The absence of a report will be construed as a positive evaluation.