Graduate Bulletin

Fall 2022

Secondary Program and Advanced Graduate Certificate

Should a student wish to add a secondary program or an Advanced Graduate Certificate to his or her primary program of study, a “Permission to Enroll in a Secondary Degree or Secondary Certificate Program” form must be submitted to the Graduate School with original signatures by both the primary and new Graduate Program Directors. Final approval rests with the Graduate School/School of Professional Development. International students are required to obtain approval of an international student advisor.

Students who complete the published requirements for a second degree/certificate without obtaining this approval in advance are NOT eligible to receive the degree.

A maximum of 12 graduate credits from Stony Brook, which were earned in a primary program prior to a student being accepted into a secondary program, can be applied to the secondary program. For Advanced Graduate Certificates, students can apply a maximum of 6 credits earned in a primary program prior to being accepted into the certificate program. Credits applied to the degree requirements of a primary program cannot be applied towards the degree requirements of a secondary program. Credits applied to a primary program can be applied towards the requirements of an Advanced Graduate Certificate.

The time limit for a degree program remains that same when adding a secondary certificate. A student must complete the certificate within the time limit for the degree program completion. 

Students accepted into two doctoral programs must complete two independent dissertations, with separate and independent examining committees and based on separate and independent research or scholarship, in order to earn both doctoral degrees.