Graduate Bulletin

Fall 2020


Graduate students who have interrupted their attendance at Stony Brook by withdrawing from the University or by taking a Leave of Absence must be readmitted to reactivate their graduate career. The student initiates the process by submitting a completed “Readmission” form to their program. The form can be downloaded at

  • Students returning from a currently approved Leave of Absence are generally guaranteed readmission.
  • Students not on an official Leave of Absence must pay a $500 readmission fee.
  • International students must also submit a new financial affidavit and be cleared by an international student advisor before the readmission process can be concluded.

If the program approves the request, the readmission form is submitted to the Graduate School for final approval.

The program or the Graduate School may set specific requirements to be fulfilled by the readmitted student during the first year of their readmission. Readmission will be revoked for students who do not fulfill these requirements.