Graduate School Bulletin

Fall 2023

Conditional Admission

In exceptional cases where certain admission requirements are not met or the undergraduate preparation is inadequate, an applicant may be admitted conditionally. Such applicants will be considered on probation during the first semester. Program recommendation and Graduate School approval are required for conditional admission.

  • Students admitted conditionally for a low cumulative GPA must earn an overall graduate average of at least a B (3.0) during the first semester of enrollment to be permitted to continue. In this case, the student is considered to have achieved regular status.
  • A student admitted conditionally because of a low cumulative GPA who fails to earn a B (3.0) average in the first semester will not be permitted to reenroll. Both the student’s program and the Graduate School may set conditions that the student must satisfy during the early period of graduate work.

Change of Graduate Program and/or Academic Level

Should a student wish to change programs or academic levels following admission and matriculation, a “Change of Graduate Program and/or Academic Level” form must be submitted to the Graduate School/School of Professional Development with original signatures by both prior and new department or program chairs and advisors. The form can be downloaded at In addition, international students who seek to change their program must obtain approval of an international student advisor.

Students must submit this form to the Graduate School before the first day of classes of the first semester indicated for the New Degree Program/Level. Forms received after this date will be denied.