Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2022

Degree Requirements

To earn the master's degree in journalism, students must complete 33 credits.   Faculty advisors will guide students in creating educational plans that best fit their backgrounds, interests and aspirations. The curriculum is built around a core group of required courses:

JRN 510: Reporting and Writing for Journalism

JRN 520: Multimedia Journalism

JRN 521: Solutions Journalism

JRN 577: Communication Law and Ethics

JRN 583: Principles of Inclusive Engagement

JRN 560: Graduate Internship

JRN 600: Master’s Project in Journalism

JRN 615: Data Storytelling

Students must attain a grade of at least B, or a GPA of at least 3.0, in the core courses to have them count toward the degree.

Along with the core courses, students will take skills courses in digital and other forms of reporting, as well as electives ranging from science communication and reporting, to strategic communication. With these electives, students can personalize their degree program to support and enhance their professional goals and career aspirations.

CHOOSE 3 ELECTIVES (9 credits)

JRN 515:Television Reporting and Editing (3 credits)

JRN 525: Health, Environment, Science and Technology Reporting (3 credits)

JRN 530: The Big Story: Science Issues Seminar (3 credits)

JRN 535:Reporting in New York City (3 credits)

JRN 550: Investigative Reporting Techniques (3 credits)

JRN 575: Special Topics in Science Communication (3 credits)

JRN 581:Advanced Digital Media (3 credits)

JRN 587:Independent Study (3 credits)

JRN 603:Storytelling and Narrative Design (3 credits)

JRN 605:Environmental Communication (3 credits)

JRN 622: Reportingfor Radio (3 credits)