Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2022

Facilities of the Department of Pharmacological Sciences

The Department of Pharmacological Sciences is the primary training facility for graduate studies in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology. The department occupies 32,000 square feet in the University’s Basic Sciences Tower, 5,000 square feet in the Center for Molecular Medicine, and 5,000 square feet in the Graduate Chemistry Building. Faculty laboratories are equipped for all types of modern molecular and cell biological, biochemical, neurochemical, chemical, biophysical, and toxicological research. Specialized facilities are provided for tissue culture, recombinant DNA work, ultracentrifugation, scintillation and gamma spectrometry, transgenic mouse research, electron microscopy, confocal microscopy, molecular modeling, gas and high-performance liquid chromatography, proteomics, nuclear magnetic resonance, X-ray crystallography, and mass spectrometry. Research activities are supported by various shops, University computing facilities, animal-care facilities, and media services. Excellent library facilities, including include the Health Sciences Library, the Pharmacological Sciences Library and online resources, comprising of databases, E-books and E-journals, Program faculty members currently receive more than $14 million in annual research support from federal and private agencies.