Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2022

Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Ph.D. Program

The faculty of the Department of Pharmacological Sciences, in conjunction with faculty in other departments at Stony Brook, offers the Graduate Program in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology leading to the Ph.D. degree. Because the program emphasizes early research experience and provides a broad curriculum, students lay the foundation for subsequent independent research. Graduate research opportunities are provided in a broad range of areas including biochemical and molecular pharmacology, chemical pharmacology and toxicology, and cellular and physiological pharmacology. Students, in consultation with faculty advisors, pursue basic and elective courses and begin thesis research during the first two years of training. During this time, they participate in several research projects directed by faculty members associated with the program. Students then select a research advisor from the faculty and, upon completion of the qualifying exam, devote full effort to dissertation research. Students have the opportunity to perform research rotations and/or thesis research in any of 52 associated laboratories in Department of Pharmacological Sciences or other University departments or at Brookhaven National and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories. Further details may be obtained from the graduate program director.