Graduate School Bulletin

Spring 2023

Requirements for the Geospatial Science Certificate

Prerequisites: All applicants are required to hold either a BA, BS degree, or graduate degree. Some basic knowledge of operating personal computers is necessary to complete the course work.

Required Courses or equivalent (9 credits):

GSS513        GIS Fundamentals I, 3cr or GEO513 or GSS 517 or MAR587

GSS525        GIS Fundamentals II, 3cr or GEO525

GSS526        GIS Project Management, 3cr


Elective Courses or equivalent (6 credits):

GSS 509       Digital Cartography, 3cr

GSS 523       Geodatabase and Design, 3cr or GEO 523

GSS 550       Applied Spatial Analysis, 3cr

GSS 554       Geospatial Science for the Coastal Zone, 3cr

GSS 555       GIS and Remote Sensing, 3cr or GEO 547 or MAR 558

GSS 570       Topics in Geospatial Science, 1-3cr

GSS 575       Geospatial Teaching Practicum, 0-3cr

GSS 587       Geospatial Research, 1-3cr

GSS 588       GIS Internship, 1-3cr

HPH 534       Spatial Analysis: Health Applications, 3cr

ANT 526       Environmental Analysis Using Remote Sensing and GIS, 3cr

EST 576       Geographic Information Systems in Education and Research, 3cr


No more than 6 credits used to satisfy another graduate degree can be applied to the certificate.