Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2022

Faculty of Creative Writing and Literature Program

Distinguished Professor
Rosenblatt, Roger, Ph.D., 1968, Harvard University: Literary Essay, Novel, Novella, Playwriting, Literature for Writers.

Associate Professors
Reeves, Robert, Director. B.A., 1973, M.A., 1977, Harvard University: Graduate Writing, Advanced Fiction, Comedy.

Sheehan, Julie, B.A., Yale University; M.F.A., 2000, Columbia University: Poetry, Advanced Poetry, Reading & Writing Poetry, Practicum in Teaching Writing

Walker, Lou Ann, Editor-in-Chief, The Southampton Review. B.A., 1976, Harvard University: Memoir, Children’s Literature, Publishing and Editing.


Bank, Melissa. M.F.A., 1988, Cornell University: Short Fiction.

Black, Star. M.F.A., Brooklyn College: Poetry.

Botsford, Andrew. B.A., 1972, Williams College: Professional Writing.

Collins, William. Ph.D., 1971, University of California-Riverside: Poetry

Feiffer, Jules. The Pratt Institute: Humor and Truth, Screenplay

Gabler, Neal. A.M., 1974, University of Michigan, Creative Nonfiction, Biography, Essay

Hegi, Ursula. M.A., 1979, University of New Hampshire: Fiction

Jones, Kaylie, M.F.A., 1988, Columbia University: Novel, Russian Literature

Klam, Matthew. M.A., 1992, Hollins College: Creative Nonfiction

Marx, Patricia. B.A., 1975, Harvard University: Fiction, Humor.

McAndrew, Megan, M.P.P.M., 1995, Yale University: The Short Story, Voice, Writing Place, Literature for Writers, Teaching Practicum. 

McCormick, Patricia. M.S., 1985, Columbia University: Young Adult Fiction.

Menaker, Daniel. M.A., 1965, The Johns Hopkins University: Fiction

Merrell, Susan Scarf. M.F.A., 2009, The Bennington College Writing Seminars: Fiction.

Emma Walton Hamilton, Children’s Literature

Wolitzer, Meg. B.A., 1981, Brown University: Fiction.