Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2022


The Advanced Graduate Certificate in Communicating Science offers advanced students in the sciences and other research-related disciplines a contemporary, research-based approach to science communication that will help them to share their science, and the significance of their work, throughout the span of their careers. This program complements graduate students’ primary degree programs and provides professional development for those already working in the areas of science, engineering, technology, math, health and other research-based disciplines. Graduate students and professional scientists who complete the certificate will be better able to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences including employers, government officials, students, scientists in other fields, and funding agencies.

Those enrolled in the program will begin with a rigorous foundational experience with The Alda Method® of science communication, a dynamic and experiential approach to communication training that mirrors the Alda Center’s successful workshop model. After successful completion of the foundational experience, students will choose electives that align with their core areas of interest. The program culminates in a faculty-mentored capstone project or internship that gives students the opportunity to apply what they have learned.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop an understanding of the history, context, and key concepts of science communication research and theory
  2. Craft a message that responds to the needs, values, and cultures of an audience
  3. Use a combination of preparation and spontaneity to connect with audiences
  4. Communicate vividly and expressively about science
  5. Work competently and collaboratively with people of varied backgrounds and interests to expand scientific literacy
  6. Critically evaluate science communication
  7. Apply the skills learned to a real-world context

The Advanced Graduate Certificate in Communicating Science supports Stony Brook University’s broader mission to provide comprehensive graduate education and research opportunities of the highest international quality by bringing a unique, value-added educational opportunity to Stony Brook’s graduate students. Research itself depends on effective communication; this certificate is rooted in the internationally recognized work of the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, that aims to help scientists communicate their research more vividly and effectively to ensure greater societal benefits. The certificate supports Stony Brook’s commitment to advancing research endeavors of the highest international standards to advance knowledge and create long-range practical significance. Helping scientists, engineers, medical professionals and other researchers to communicate more effectively enables the University to provide greater leadership for economic growth, technology and culture for communities on and beyond Long Island, reflecting Stony Brook’s commitment to supporting local and wider geographic regions. Through its emphasis on communicating with diverse audiences, this certificate aligns with the University’s commitment to celebrating diversity and positioning the University in the broader global community.