Graduate School Bulletin

Spring 2023


The Department of Civil Engineering, in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, offers graduate work leading to the MS and PhD degrees, and a graduate certificate. The overarching mission of the graduate programs is to train the next generation of civil engineers to make important discoveries, develop new technologies, and apply novel approaches to ensure the safety, resilience, and sustainability of our basic infrastructure systems. Our programs in Civil Engineering offer students a broad curriculum with the opportunity to pursue advanced studies in the major areas of civil engineering. The programs emphasize interdisciplinary approaches in solving society’s most pressing problems, with an emphasis on restoring and improving urban infrastructure. The faculty in the Department of Civil Engineering is actively involved in state-of-the-art research and work collaboratively with graduate students on projects that are both applied and fundamental in nature.

Research Areas

Research areas for the graduate programs include Coastal Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Structural Engineering and Mechanics, and S mart Civil Infrastructure Systems. For more information on topics and faculty specialties, please visit the department website: .

Civil Engineering, MS and PhD

The MS program is designed to provide students with greater depth in a particular area in civil engineering for further advanced study or pursuing a career as professional engineers. The PhD program aims to prepare students for a research career in academia, government or private laboratories, R&D in industry, or elsewhere.

Civil Engineering, Advanced Graduate Certificate

The Advanced Graduate Certificate is designed to serve students interested in furthering their education in civil engineering. Perspective students for this program include engineers from other disciplines who are interested in developing basic knowledge in civil engineering. The certificate program is also designed for civil engineers who are looking for additional technical depth in civil engineering. This program is also a good fit for practicing engineers looking for continuing professional development credits. The Office of Professions in the New York State Education Department requires continuing education for the Professional Engineering license. The graduate certificate in civil engineering will allow practicing engineers the opportunity to obtain a graduate certificate while also fulfilling the continuing education requirement for licensure.

Coastal Engineering & Management, Advanced Graduate Certificate

The Department of Civil Engineering and the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences offer a course of study leading to an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Coastal Engineering and Management. This certificate provides students with the opportunity to pursue advanced studies in the major areas of coastal engineering and management of coastal resources.