Graduate School Bulletin

Fall 2023

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering Department

Distinguished Professors

Dill, Ken A., Ph.D., 1978, UC San Diego: Quantitative Biology.

Hsiao, Benjamin, Ph.D., 1987, Institute of Materials Science at University of Connecticut: Structural and morphological development of complex polymer systems during preparation and processing in real time.

Rafailovich, Miriam, Ph.D., 1980, Stony Brook University: Polymeric liquids; phase transitions; thin film wetting phenomena; biopolymers.

Rubin, Clinton, T., Chair, Ph.D., 1983, Bristol University: Tissue adaptation; biophysical treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

Takeuchi, Esther, Ph.D., 1981, Ohio State University: Cutting-edge research in electrochemistry, batteries and their intersection with human health.


Abi-Dargham, Anissa, M.D., 1984, St. Joseph’s University: Molecular imaging, pharmacology, schizophrenia and addiction.

Balazsi, Gabor, Ph.D., 2001, University of Missouri-Saint Louis: Synthetic gene circuits.

Bluestein, Daniel (Danny), Ph.D., 1992, Tel Aviv University, Israel: Dynamics of fluid flow and cellular transport through vessels.

Clark, Richard, M.D., 1971, University of Rochester: Tissue engineering in wound repair.

Dilmanian, F. Avraham, Ph.D., 1980, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Experimental methods of radiation therapy utilizing the tissue-sparing effects.

Du, Congwu, Ph.D., 1996, University of Luebeck, Germany: Development of advanced biomedical optical imaging techniques for translational research.

Einav, Shmuel, Ph.D., 1972, Stony Brook University: Basic physiological flow phenomena, both experimentally and numerically.

Frame, Molly, Ph.D., 1990, University of Missouri: Microvascular flow control at the fluid dynamic and molecular levels.

Ghebrehiwet, Berhane, D.Sc., 1974, Université de Paris: Structure and function of C1q receptors (C1qRs) in health and disease.

Hannon, Gregory, Ph.D., 1992, Case Western Reserve University: Explores the mechanisms and regulation of RNA interference as well as its applications to cancer research.

Judex, Stefan, Ph.D., 1999, University of Calgary, Canada: Molecular bioengineering; mechanical, molecular, and genetic influences on the adaptation of bone and connective tissues to physiologic stimuli.

Kaufman, Arie E., Ph.D., 1977, Ben-Gurion University: Computer graphics; visualization; interactive systems; 3-D virtual colonoscopy; computer architecture.

Liang, Jerome, Ph.D., 1987, City University of New York: Development of medical imaging hardware for single photon detection.

Lin, Richard, M.D., 1988, University of California, San Francisco: Biology of Phosphoinositide 3-Kinases.

Lieber, Baruch, Ph.D., 1985, Georgia Institute of Technology: Cerebrovascular Research.

McCombie, Richard, Ph.D., 1982, University of Michigan: Structure and function in complex genomes.

Miller, Lisa, Ph.D., 1995, Albert Einstein College of Medicine: Research focuses on the study of the chemical makeup of tissue in disease using high-resolution infrared and x-ray imaging.

Mitra, Partha, Ph.D., 1993, Harvard University: Brain function.

Mueller, Klaus, Ph.D., 1998, Ohio State University: Computer graphics, data visualization, medical imaging. 

Mujica-Parodi, Lilianne, Ph.D., 1998, Columbia University: Relationships between four simultaneously or near-simultaneously interacting systems: neural, cardiac, endocrine, and cognitive, to better understand the neurobiology of arousal, fear, and stress. 

Pan, Yingtian, Ph.D., 1992, National Laser Technology Laboratories, China: Optical/NIR spectroscopy and imaging methods and applying these techniques to provide clinical diagnostic information. 

Parsey, Ramin, M.D., Ph.D., 1994, University of Maryland Baltimore: State-of-the-art imaging modalities to investigate psychiatric and neurological disorders.

Qin, Yi-Xian, Ph.D., 1997, Stony Brook University: Physical mechanisms involved in the control of tissue growth, healing, and homeostasis, especially bone adaptation influenced by mechanical environment.

Rizzo, Robert, Ph.D., 2001, Yale University: Application of computational techniques to drug discovery.

Saltz, Joel, M.D., Ph.D., 1985, Duke University: Development of digital pathology tools, techniques and tools to enable deep integrative translational research and biomedical informatics methods.

Shroyer, Kenneth, M.D., Ph.D., 1987, 1983, University of Colorado:  Basic and translational research related to prognostic and predictive biomarkers and molecular mechanisms that drive tumor aggression.

Simmerling, Carlos, Ph.D., 1994, University of Illinois, Chicago: Simulate known properties of molecules, assist in the refinement and interpretation of experimental data.

Simon, Sanford, Ph.D., 1967, Rockefeller University: Acute and chronic inflammatory responses.

Skiena, Steven, Ph.D., 1988, University of Illinois: Computational geometry; biologic algorithms.

Tracey, Kevin, M.D., 1983, Boston University: Research focuses on the roles of individual mediators of systemic inflammation, and their regulation by interactions between the brain and the innate immune system.

Vaska, Paul, Ph.D., 1997, State University of New York at Stony Brook: Instrumentation for positron emission tomography (PET).

Zhao, Wei, Ph.D., 1997, University of Toronto, Canada: Development of novel detector concept and new clinical applications for early detection of cancer.

Zhu, Donghui (Don), Ph.D., 2006, University of Missouri: Biodegradable metallic materials for tissue engineering and regeneration.

Associate Professors

Brouzes, Eric, Ph.D., 2004, University Paris 7 - Institute Curie, Paris: Microfluidic technologies for single-cell genomics.

Button, Terry, Ph.D., 1989, University at Buffalo: High-resolution computer-aided tomography.

DeLorenzo, Christine, Ph.D., 2007, Yale University: Brain Imaging and mental disease.

Peña, Louis A, Ph.D., UCLA, 1991, M.B.A, Stony Brook University, 2013: Biotechnology innovation and entrepreneurship, workforce development, tissue engineering, radiation biology, signal transduction of stress.

Powers, Scott, Ph.D., 1983, Columbia University: Cancer gene discovery; cancer diagnostics and therapeutics; cancer biology.

Rubenstein, David, Ph.D., 2007, Stony Brook University: Fabrication of complex three dimensional biomimetic scaffolds and to test the compatibility of the fabricated scaffolds with the vascular system. 

Schlyer, David, Ph.D., 1976, San Diego State University: Development of multi-modality imaging.

Sitharaman, Balaji, Ph.D., 2005, Rice University: Research related to related to the diagnosis/ treatment of disease and tissue regeneration.

Sordella, Raffaella, Ph.D., 1998, University of Turin: Why cancer cells are responsive to the inhibition of one particular gene or gene product.

Strey, Helmut, Ph.D., 1993, Technical University, Munich: Nanostructured Materials for Applications in Bioseparation, Drug Delivery and Biosensors. 

Wang, Jun, Ph.D., 2010, Purdue University: Sensing platforms for the multiplexed detection of protein biomarkers and DNA.

Yin, Wei, Ph.D., 2004, Stony Brook University: Role of disturbed shear stress on platelets, vascular endothelial cells and their interactions. 

Assistant Professors 

Arbab, Hassan, Ph.D., 2012, University of Washington: Terahertz spectroscopy, Ultrafast photonics and femtosecond optics, Wavelet methods, Biomedical optics.

Bialkowska, Agnieszka, Ph.D. 2003, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics: Inflammation within the gastrointestinal tract.

Chan, Mei Lin, Ph.D., 2009, Columbia University: Bone adaptation, mechanotransduction and osteoimmunology in normal and pathological conditions.

Goldan, Amirhossein, Ph.D., 2012, University of Waterloo: Biomedical imaging and instrumentation: development of ultra-high resolution brain PET scanner.

Huang, Chuan, Ph.D., 2012, University of Arizona: Medical Imaging Analysis.

Li, Yu Yulee, Ph.D., 2002, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging research program with a focus on high-speed imaging.

Sheltzer, Jason, Ph.D., 2015, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Understand the genetic differences between normal, malignant, and metastatic cells.

Van Snellenberg, Jared, Ph.D., 2012, Columbia University: Development of novel signal processing and statistical methods for pre- and post-processing of brain functional MRI data in populations with psychotic disorders.

Research Assistant Professor

Jawaad Sheriff, Ph.D., 2010, Stony Brook University: Role of the patient age in clot formation risk under flow conditions.