Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2020 Bulletin

Undergraduate College Academies

Office: N-3071 Melville Library
Phone: (631) 632-4378
E-mail:  llc@stonybrook.edu
Web site:  http://www.sunysb.edu/llc

Undergraduate College Academies integrate the student’s residence hall experience with academic concerns and enrich both aspects of the college education. Stony Brook offers several Undergraduate College Academies: Environmental Studies in Hendrix College, Health and Wellness in Schick College, International Studies in Stimson College, Community Service Learning in James College, and Media Arts in Douglass College. Many classes are held within the residential buildings and building activities are centered around the living learning center topic. All Living Learning Centers add an academic component to each student’s residential experience, and all offer academic minors.

Resident students not living in Undergraduate College Academy buildings, as well as commuting students, may also participate in Undergraduate College Academy programs and take the minors. For minor requirements, see the specific listings in the Approved Majors, Minors, and Programs chapter.

Community Service Undergraduate College Academies

The Community Service Undergraduate College Academies, housed in James College, is designed to use the special educational opportunities available at Stony Brook to create citizens with the depth of commitment to community service that the 21st century will demand. Acquisition of skills and knowledge is combined with a fostering of an appreciation by students of their role as citizens both in the University and in the surrounding communities.

Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies Undergraduate College Academy, housed in Hendrix College, offers an environmental studies minor as well as activities that emphasize both scientific and social issues encompassed by the broad field of environmental studies. Through this program, motivated natural science and social science students are able to apply their coursework specifically to the study of the environment.

The minor in environmental studies is designed to give students enhanced exposure to one subfield of environmental stu­dies—the natural science of the environment.

Health and Wellness

The Health and Wellness Undergraduate College Academy, housed in Schick College, is designed to give students a foundation in the concepts of healthy living and to help students select future studies and careers in the health professions.

International Studies

The International Studies Undergraduate College Academy, housed in Stimson College, provides an integrated view of institutions, ideas, historical traditions, and aspirations of peoples of other countries or regions. The minor is open to all undergraduates who wish to add an academic dimension to their residential experience.

Media Arts

The Media Arts Undergraduate College Academy, housed in Douglass College, offers a minor in media arts with courses examining media technology, theory, and practice. The program builds on strong relationships with student media organizations, and encourages research, independent study projects, and internship opportunities. Projects can include assignments in radio, television, and print journalism.