Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2022

Write Effectively within One’s Discipline (WRTD)

Every profession in the twenty-first century requires clear, thoughtful, organized, and correct writing. We don’t know any subject well until we can write clearly about it. Therefore, we expect all Stony Brook graduates to be able to write effectively in their chosen fields.

Learning Outcomes for “Write Effectively within One’s Discipline"

1. Collect the most pertinent evidence, draw appropriate disciplinary inferences, organize effectively for one's intended audience, and write in a confident voice using correct grammar and punctuation.

Standards for “Write Effectively within One’s Discipline”

1. Produce written work congruent with the standards of one’s discipline
2. Complete one certified course that reinforces writing skills in the major discipline OR submit a portfolio of at least 15 pages of written work in the discipline, as determined by the department and certification committee.
3. Although most programs will stipulate that the learning outcome will be completed in English, some programs could demonstrate that the requirement could be completed in an alternative language.

For a list of Stony Brook courses that satisfy these learning objectives and standards, complete a course search at this link.