Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2020 Bulletin

Explore and Understand the Fine and Performing Arts (ARTS)

The fine and performing arts rely on both cognitive and intuitive thinking, a balance of knowledge and creativity, technical skills and insight, all employed in an effort to express that which cannot be conveyed through words alone. The fine and performing arts entertain, move, and stimulate, and to comprehend their power and complexity one must understand the particular skills and materials employed, as well as the cultural, historical, and intellectual context of that employment. Consideration of the arts also enables us to explore the nature of creativity. Experiencing, studying, and practicing the arts sensitize us to the ideas, emotions and values of different individuals, peoples, and times. Art is thus a powerful vehicle through which societies examine, challenge, express, and shape themselves.

Learning Outcomes for ”Explore and Understand the Fine and Performing Arts”

1. Develop an understanding of works of art and their practitioners through an examination of the works in the historical and cultural context in which the art was or is created.
2. Understand the materials, forms, and/or styles of art through study of arts theories and the works themselves.
3. Understand ideas, materials, technical skills, and forms of art in order to express oneself creatively through an artistic medium.
4. Develop tools of aesthetic discourse through contact with works of art – as well as through writings on art – related to its critical understanding, cultural placement, and appreciation.

Standards for ”Explore and Understand the Fine and Performing Arts”

1. Certified courses in the arts shall fulfill at least one of the four learning outcomes. Certified courses will devote significant time to the consideration of art and its principles, through historical, theoretical, technical and/or critical writings about art, through the examination of works of art, through the creation of art, or combinations thereof.

For a list of Stony Brook courses that satisfy these learning objectives and standards, complete a course search at this link.