Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2022

College-Level Examination Programs and Other Credit by Examination

Stony Brook accepts up to 30 credits by examination in partial fulfillment of the bachelor's degree. Included in this total may be credit based on standardized external examinations such as AP, CLEP, and Stony Brook's own Challenge Program. Credit by examination may not be used to satisfy most Diversified Education Curriculum requirements; however, they may be used to satisfy one course in each of categories E, F, and G and Skill 3 or the Learning Objectives SNW, SBS, HUM, and LANG in the Stony Brook Curriculum.  Students who receive credit for both parts of the Foreign Language CLEP Exam will also fulfill GLO.   See AP credits.

The University awards credit for the CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) subject examinations only. Credit is not awarded for the CLEP general examinations. CLEP exam credit will not be awarded for language exams for a language formerly studied. No student may take a CLEP exam in a subject matter that is a prerequisite for a course already passed, or is similar in subject matter to a course taken. The scores received must be equivalent to a grade of C. A maximum of 30 credits by examination may be applied toward the degree.

Credit requested for examinations or programs (e.g., military) not specifically mentioned above must be substantiated by the appropriate documentation. Requests for reviews of students' qualifications must be submitted in writing to the Undergraduate Admissions Office.