Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2021 Bulletin

Technology Services

Stony Brook University provides a wide array of information technology resources designed to assist students in communicating, learning, and conducting day-to-day tasks at the university.  As new technologies emerge and best practices evolve, the Division of Information Technology will keep you informed of Stony Brook's latest student services. 

Getting Connected 

Your NetID is required to utilize much of the technology on campus including public computers and printers, Blackboard (our course management system where many professors post course information/assignments), wifi, library databases, MySBFiles (central file storage), and MySite (virtual workspace). For more information about services accessible through your NetID, please visit netid.stonybrook.edu . 

Stony Brook University uses Google Mail . All students are required to use their Google mail for all coursework, University business, and communication from the University. Other services provided by Google Apps include unlimited Google Drive storage, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, Google Sites, and more. For more information, visit google.stonybrook.edu . 

To connect to the CampusWifi, visit:   wolfienet.stonybrook.edu or use Eduroam (a Wifi service that lets you connect at other campuses that participate) : https://it.stonybrook.edu/services/eduroam  

Software /Hardware:

Symantec AntiVirus and Microsoft Office are available to all registered Stony Brook students as part of their technology fee. Symantec AntiVirus can be downloaded through Stony Brook's software distribution site Softweb.  For more information, visit: http://www.software.stonybrook.edu. 

Educational discounts are available to students purchasing Dell, Apple, or Lenovo computers. Bundled packages come with three-year warranties and accidental damage insurance. For more information, please visit hardware.stonybrook.edu . 

Students who require assistance with their personal computers should contact DoIT’s Service Desk at (631) 632-9800, or by submitting a service ticket at service.stonybrook.edu . 

Facilities/Computer Labs/Printing 

Public computer labs at Stony Brook are called SINC (Students In Need of Computers) Sites and are located throughout the campus. There are more than 16 SINC sites on the main Stony Brook campus with an additional site at Stony Brook's Southampton campus.  SINC Sites provide students with computers (both Windows and Mac), software, printers, scanners and multimedia hardware. Student consultants are available to answer questions in the SINC sites.  For more information, visit: sincsites.stonybrook.edu or call (631)  632-9602. 

The Division of Campus Residences offers Residential Computing Centers for students. These computer labs are available in each residential quad. For more information, contact Campus Residences at (631) 632-6966.