Undergraduate Bulletin

Spring 2020 Bulletin

Requirements for the Minor in Theatre Arts (THR)

The minor in Theatre Arts provides the student with the opportunity to explore several aspects of the dramatic arts. The course of study should lead the student to an understanding of the necessary next steps should his or her interest be sharpened by the experience.

Requirements for the Minor

All courses offered for the minor must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher. At least 12 of the credits must be taken at Stony Brook.

Completion of the minor requires a minimum of 19 credits.

A. Theatre Arts Minor Core Program

     1. THR 101 Introduction to Theatre Arts 
     2. THR 103 Introduction to Theatre Design or THR 105 Acting I
     3. THR 115 Stagecraft

B. Upper-Division Electives

Nine upper-division credits to be chosen from courses in theatre arts (THR) or dance (DAN).