Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2023

Theatre Arts (THR)

Theatre arts is traditionally the study of the dramatic event typified by productions associated with the New York stage, whether it be Broadway or Off-Broadway. In recent years, however, the concept of theatre has expanded to include performances from around the world, extending from the most sacred rituals to the most profane performance art. What was once the study of the live actor before a live audience now requires an investigation into the impact of technology and media on the practice of theatre. This exciting and expanding discipline defines the Depart­ment of Theatre Arts at Stony Brook, where students can study acting, design, and directing; immerse themselves in playwriting and media; and explore interactive computing technologies as a tool of study and a means of personal expression.

The objective of study in Theatre Arts is to provide students with the opportunity to explore a range of forms of self-expression. Students are introduced to the practical tools necessary to communicate effectively through the theatre, the media, and technology. In addition, they investigate the historical and theoretical basis on which these art forms are based, giving them a strong foundation on which to pursue the many opportunities available to a student graduating with a minor in Theatre Arts.

Students who graduate with a minor in Theatre Arts may pursue theatre-related careers, go on to further study, or enter other professions such as law, business, publishing, advertising, communications, computer graphics, and public relations.