Undergraduate Bulletin

Spring 2024

South Asian Studies (SOA)

The minor in South Asian Studies provides a broad introduction to a major world civilization through a set of coordinated courses in selected areas of South Asian society and culture. Courses are offered in South Asian languages, religions, philosophy, history, politics, culture, literatures, linguistics, and performing arts. Both traditional and contemporary aspects are covered. The minor serves as a foundation for specialization in area studies (South Asia), complements knowledge of other areas in Asian Studies, and offers cross-cultural experience valued in many fields, including international business. With the approval of the director of the minor, the student constructs a coherent and individualized program of study. Students may also earn academic credits through Study Abroad in India opportunities.

The Center for India Studies (telephone: 631-632-9742), located in E-5350 Melville Library, offers a reference library, lectu­res and performing arts programs, publications, and internship opportunities for students minoring in South Asian Studies. Visit http://www.sunysb.edu/india for details.