Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2020 Bulletin

Requirements for the Minor in Religious Studies (RLS) 

The minor in Religious Studies consists of six courses (18 credits), at least three of which (nine credits) must be at the upper-division level. At least 12 credits, including RLS 301, must be taken for a letter grade. In addition to these general requirements, the program is designed to ensure: 1) an encounter with the variety of world religions; 2) a grasp of problems of method and the critical use of sources in the study of religion; and 3) sufficient depth in a single area emphasis to read advanced work in the area with experience and judgment. Requirements to meet these goals are:  

    1. RLS 101 or AAS 102/RLS 102 or one 200 level RLS course
    2. One 200-level RLS course 
    3. RLS 301
    4. At least three courses in one of the area emphases below:

  • Hinduism (SKT 111, 112 may also count as one course for this area
  • Buddhism 
  • East Asian religions (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean religions) 
  • Judaism (in coordination with Judaic studies; ordinarily all four courses in this area emphasis are JDS and JDH, but one may be replaced with a relevant RLS or other course with advisor's approval)
  • Christianity (to include at least one Judaic studies course; JDH/RLS 230 or JDS/HIS 225, 226 recommended)
  • Islam (may include one course in Judaism or Christianity; ARB 111, 112 may also count as one course for this area) 
  • Theology, philosophy, and method in religion
  • Other areas, as available; these must be approved by the advisor for the minor before the first semester of the senior year.

Students should consult the program director by the semester in which they register for RLS 301 for advice on coordinating the Religious Studies minor with the student's major program. Final approval of courses selected to meet the minor requirements should be obtained prior to registration for the senior year.