Undergraduate Bulletin

Spring 2023

Physics (PHY)

Physics is the study of the basic physical principles that govern our universe. This study uses the language of mathematics and is applied in all other natural sciences (astronomy, chemistry, biology, geology, etc.) and engineering. The objective of the major in Physics is to teach students those principles, and, in general, how to think scientifically about the physical world.

A basic education in physics is also applicable to many other fields, including   astronomy, engineering, computer programming, geology, biophysics, medicine, medical technology, teaching, law, business, etc. Since the basic principles of physics do not go out of style, and will be the basis for many new technologies, the Physics major provides the ability to adapt to new conditions; hence its permanent value. After graduation approximately half of our Physics majors go on to graduate school, either in physics or in a related field (such as those mentioned above). The other half initially take positions in industry, but many of them later return to graduate school.