Undergraduate Bulletin

Spring 2024

Requirements for the Minor in Optics (OPT)

All courses offered for the minor must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher.

Completion of the minor requires 21 credits.

A. Basic courses:

  • PHY 132/134 or 142/134 Classical Physics II
  • PHY 251/252 Modern Physics and Laboratory or ESG 281 An Engineering Introduction to Solid State
  • PHY 300 Waves and Optics
  • PHY 301 Electromagnetic Theory or ESE 319 Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission Lines

B. At least two of the following:

  • ESE 358 Computer Vision
  • ESE 363 Fiber Optic Communications
  • ESE 441 Engineering Design I*
  • ESE 499 Research in Electrical Sciences*
  • ESG 441 Engineering Science Design IV*
  • ESM 499 Research in Materials Science*
  • MEC 342* Introduction to Experimental Stress
  • MEC 441 Mechanical Engineering Design II*
  • MEC 499 Research in Mechanical Engineering*
  • PHY 302 Electromagnetic Theory
  • PHY 452 Lasers
  • PHY 487 Research*

*These courses may be used if the research project is in optics. Each such course must be taken for three credits and the student must obtain written approval of the Department of Physics and Astronomy for his or her research proposal before starting research.