Undergraduate Bulletin

Spring 2023

Minor in Music Theory (MTY) 

The general Music minor (MUS) is designed for students who are interested in music but who do not seek training in more sophisticated aspects of music theory and musicianship. The Music Theory minor (MTY), for which students take Music major courses in theory and musicianship, is for students who want to acquire more specialized knowledge and skills in the areas of music theory and musicianship.

Requirements for the Minor in Music Theory (MTX)

All courses offered for the minor must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher. The minor requires a minimum of 20 credits.

A Note on the Performance Requirement: With the permission of the director of undergraduate studies, students who do not pass the audition for one of the ensembles may fulfill the performance requirement through private lessons ( MUS 161-MUS 187). For students in the minor who fulfill the performance requirement through lessons, the ensemble corequisite for private lessons ( MUS 161-MUS 187) will be waived.

1. Theory:

2. History:

  • MUS 101 and one course chosen from the following:  MUS 105 , 301-314, 319-320

3. Performance:

Two semesters of one or more of the following: