Undergraduate Bulletin

Spring 2024

Multidisciplinary Studies (MTD)  

The Multidisciplinary Studies major, which offers no courses of its own, allows students who are interested in more than one discipline to design their own programs by drawing on courses from two or three different areas of study. For example, students who wish to enter the health professions frequently combine biology with psychology, English, or sociology. Others with interests in the social or physical sciences may choose courses from those areas in conjunction with study in art, music, or theatre. Studies may be pursued to suit individual interests in one subject or time period such as international affairs or the colonial era. An academic minor may also fulfill one of the student's areas.

The individual programs of study for Multidisciplinary Studies majors are so diverse that no general statement can be made about their career paths after graduation. Majors frequently enter graduate or professional school or seek careers in business, education, or government agencies. Since the program of study requires careful planning, students choosing this major must see one of the MTD advisors to plan their individual program.