Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2023


Media/Art/Culture is a specialized interdisciplinary curriculum that brings together art history, film and media history, and photography, film and digital media studio practice. The program offers courses informed by histories of media, technology, and art, explored through specific social and cultural formations. Students engage critically with diverse topics and issues at the intersection of digital art, media, technology, and culture. Students acquire practical skills to create innovative work in digital media, including writing, photography, video, sound, interactive, computational and internet-based media. Coursework emphasizes cross-disciplinary, project-based, and collaborative learning; students practice working in teams and using forms of design thinking that will help prepare them to contribute in a wide range of contemporary workplaces.

From introductory to upper-level courses, students will build a portfolio of critical and creative work. The senior year capstone course is advised by faculty members. In this course, students work on projects in small and large groups that allow students to leverage their fluency in the history, theory, and practice of digital media, while gaining valuable full-scale development skills. With a flexible format, this final project is also aimed to support students’ next steps: it could be submitted in applying to graduate programs, used in a grant proposal for an art project or exhibition, or shared as a work sample in a job interview. Graduating students will be able to pursue a range of paths, working in artistic, historical, technological, and media contexts.