Undergraduate Bulletin

Spring 2023

Requirements for the Minor in Engineering and Technology Entrepreneurship (ETE)

The objective of the ETE minor is to expose engineering and non-engineering students to entrepreneurial skills relevant to technology and engineering.  The ETE minor requires a total of 18 credit hours (6 courses) with no grades less than C.  Students declare the minor after completion of courses in Categories A and B.  


Requirements for the ETE minor: 

A. Two courses from (6 credits): 

  • For engineering majors: two core engineering courses
  • For non-engineering majors, two courses from:
    • EST 192: Introduction to Modern Engineering
    • EST 194: Decision-making (DEC C, QPS)
    • EST 202: Into to Science, Tech and Society Studies (TECH)
    • LSE 320 Future Trends in Science and Engineering 

B. One course from the following (3 credits): 

  1. ESE 201 Engineering and Technology Entrepreneurship
  2. EST/BUS 364 How to Build a Start-Up (3 credits) (EXP+)
  3. BUS 353 Entrepreneurship
  4. BUS 383 Social Entrepreneurship

C. Two courses from the following choices (6 credits): 

  1. EST 326 Management for Engineers or BUS 346 Management and Operations
  2. EST 327 Systems Engineering Management, Elements of Product Design and Development or BUS 348 Principles of Marketing
  3. EST 391 Technology Assessment (DEC H, STAS)
  4. EST 393 Project Management or BUS 393 Principles of Project Management
  5. EST 304 Communication for Engineers and Scientists
  6. CME 333 Business Economics for Engineers

D. One course from the following (3 credits): 

  1. ESE 301 Engineering Ethics and Societal Impact (DEC H, STAS)
  2. EST 331 Professional Ethics and Intellectual Property
  3. BUS 399 Intellectual Property Strategy