Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2019 Bulletin

Creative Writing

A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in creative writing offers a way for students to write compellingly about the issues at the “deep heart’s core” of their – and our – experience. Through workshops in the practice of craft, majors develop their capacity for expression and persuasion, seeking the voice and form of expression that best connects what they have to say with their audience. In literature courses, they learn to read like a writer and to contextualize their own work. The capstone project, a book-length manuscript, teaches self-reliance: students learn to apply their skills and carry a creative vision through to completion.  The major’s interdisciplinary aspects and project-driven structure promote creative thinking about students’ own interests and burgeoning competencies, about the nature of truth, and about the time and place in which their imaginations live. See  www.stonybrook.edu/bfa for more information

A minor in creative writing offers a way for students to engage with their major area of studies from a writer’s perspective. At Stony Brook, the minor finds its home in the student’s own interests and burgeoning competences, and provides a coherent, themed pathway through many of the SBC requirements in the humanities. .