Undergraduate Bulletin

Spring 2024

Major SBC Courses for the BA in Art History and Criticism

This table illustrates major courses that can also be used to fulfill SBC requirements (See Note 1 & Note 2).

SBC Category

Required Major Courses

Optional Major Courses (See Note 3)

ARTS ARH 206 ARH 106, ARH 201, ARH 202, ARH 203, ARH 204, ARH 205, ARH 207, ARH 208, ARH 209, ARH 210, EGL 220
GLO   ARH 201, ARH 203, ARH 325, ARH 355, ARH 391, ARH 393, ARH 394
HUM   EGL 220
LANG (see Note 4)    
TECH   ARH 207
USA   ARH 209
STAS   ARH 336, ARH 395, ARH 444
EXP+   ARH 475, ARH 476, ARH 485, ARH 488, ARH 495
HFA+   ARH 300, ARH 301, ARH 302, ARH 306, ARH 315, ARH 316, ARH 317, ARH 322, ARH 325, ARH 326, ARH 329, ARH 330, ARH 333, ARH 334, ARH 344, ARH 346, ARH 347, ARH 348, ARH 355, ARH 390, ARH 391, ARH 392, ARH 393, ARH 394, ARH 396, ARH 397, ARH 398
CER   ARH 328, ARH 350
DIV (see Note 5)   ARH 348
ESI ARH 400 ARH 323, ARH 395
SPK   ARH 323, ARH 328, ARH 350, ARH 458
WRTD ARH 400 ARH 308, ARH 459

Note 1: Some course information may be subject to change. Please contact your major advisor for additional consultation.

Note 2: For majors that require study in a related area or completion of a minor, visit the respective program's "Major SBC Courses" page to view expanded SBC options. 

Note 3: Denotes any course in which students can choose from more than one option. These may include, but are not limited to, major electives, concentration/track/specialization courses, or calculus/physics/chemistry sequences.

Note 4: CEAS majors, the Athletic Training major, the Respiratory Care major, and the Clinical Laboratory Sciences major are exempt from the LANG learning objective. Students enrolled in the major in Social Work are exempt from the LANG learning objective, but are required to enroll in and pass with a letter grade of C or higher the first semester of an elementary foreign language course numbered 111, or satisfy through alternate methods (see Communicate in a Human Language Other than English--LANG). 

Note 5: Students are responsible for completing the general education requirements published in the Bulletin that was current as of the first semester of matriculation (or rematriculation). The following student groups must satisfy the DIV learning objective as part of their degree requirements:

  • Freshmen who matriculate in the Fall of 2019 or later
  • Transfer students who matriculate in the Spring of 2020 or later
  • Students who rematriculate in the Fall of 2019 or later