Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2021 Bulletin

Applied Math and Statistics (AMS)

The undergraduate program in Applied Mathematics and Statistics aims to give mathematically oriented students a liberal education in quantitative problem solving. The courses in this program survey a wide variety of mathematical theories and techniques that are currently used by analysts and researchers in government, industry, and science. Many of the applied mathematics courses give students the opportunity to develop problem-solving techniques using campus computing facilities.

About half of the Applied Mathematics majors enter graduate or professional programs, primarily in statistics, operations research, computer science, and business management. Others go directly into professional careers as actuaries, programmer analysts, management trai­nees, and secondary school teachers.

While some career-oriented course sequences are listed below, students are strongly encouraged to seek faculty advice in coordinating their career plans with their academic programs. In the spring of their junior year, all students contemplating graduate studies, upon graduation or at a later date, should consult with the Department's graduate placement advisor, who assists them in choice of schools and provides information about Graduate Record Examinations, etc. Students considering secondary school mathematics teaching can major in Applied Mathematics and Statistics or in Mathematics.