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Academic Regulations and Procedures


Change of Course Registration

During the time frame specified by the academic calendar, undergraduate students may add or drop courses through the SOLAR system. After the add/drop period, changes in registration must be requested through the appropriate Health Sciences school and course drops will result in a "W" (withdrawal) being recorded on the transcript. After the start of classes, students who drop classes or withdraw from the University will incur a percentage of tuition and fees; please see the Bursar/Student Accounts liability schedule. 

Course Load

Undergraduate full-time students must register for a minimum of 12 credits for the fall or spring academic term. A student who wishes to register for less than the number of credits required by the program need to secure approval from the academic program. Graduate full-time students will register for either 12 or 9 credit hours per term based on their academic level. Full-time status is a requirement for on-campus housing and most financial aid programs.

Classification of Courses

The numbering system for course level ranges from 300 to 500 and above. All 300 and 400 level courses are upper-division courses. These are appropriate for and are generally taken by students in their junior and senior year of study. All 500-level courses and above are graduate courses.


Auditing refers to the practice of attending a course for informational instruction only. The privilege of auditing courses is limited to matriculated students and senior citizens. Courses offered through the Health Sciences programs cannot be taken on an audit basis.

Matriculated students who wish to audit a course must first obtain permission from the instructor. Senior citizens must arrange to audit courses through the School of Professional Development. An auditor does not receive academic credit for the course, nor does the University maintain any record of the auditor’s attendance in the course. After the end of the add/drop period, the student may not change status in a course from auditor to registered.


Programs in the Health Sciences will allow students to earn credit based on external standardized examinations such as AP, CLEP, IB, Regents College Examinations, and the University’s own challenge examinations.   Courses for which examinations are permitted are recommended by the faculty and approved by the dean.   Credit by examination may not be used to satisfy the Stony Brook Curriculum learning objectives except as follows: AP credit can be used to satisfy many SBC learning objectives and the Health Sciences course distribution degree requirements.  Credit by examination or other options does not count toward the University’s residence requirement and cannot be used to satisfy total credits necessary to qualify for degrees with distinction.

Additional questions regarding academic credit by examination and other credit options should be directed to the advisor or to the Office of the Dean of the appropriate Health Sciences school.

Withdrawal from the Health Sciences Programs

Withdrawal from an academic program, for any reason, will be recorded only when written notification is submitted to the Health Sciences Office of Student Services from an authorized official of a Health Sciences program, with documentation.

Note: Non-attendance does not constitute an official withdrawal. Notification to the student’s instructor does not constitute an official withdrawal. Non-payment of tuition and fees does not constitute an official withdrawal. A student who leaves a school without obtaining an official withdrawal may forfeit the prospect of readmission. If he/she leaves during an academic period without authorization, the student will be reported as having failed all courses. Withdrawal from the University does not relieve students from financial obligations.

Leave of Absence

At the time of withdrawal from the University, students have the option of indicating whether they intend to return. A leave of absence may be obtained for a specified time as determined by the school. Students should contact the school or department as soon as possible noting their desire to withdraw. Proper documents and authorization must be obtained from the academic program and dean, and submitted to the Health Sciences Office of Student Services.

Medical Leave of Absence

Most students who leave the Health Sciences programs for medical reasons do so voluntarily after discussions with medical advisors and an academic program dean. A request for a medical leave of absence is normally initiated by a student, approved by the dean of his or her school in consultation with the appropriate campus office, and entered on the University records by the Health Sciences Office of Student Services.

The dean will indicate what documentation will be necessary to demonstrate readiness to resume studies in the Health Sciences program(s).

Changing to the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Engineering and Applied Sciences, College of Business, School of Journalism

Students enrolled in a Health Sciences school who wish to leave the Health Sciences school and pursue work in another college must see the appropriate dean in the Health Sciences school and complete a “Change of Enrollment Form” in order to withdraw from the Health Sciences program.

Readmission to the Health Sciences

Students who have withdrawn or have been dismissed, and who wish to be readmitted, must apply for readmission through the appropriate Health Sciences school. If the student has attended another institution since leaving the Health Sciences school, an official transcript must be submitted. Each school will determine readmission according to established policies.


Dental and medical students must request official transcripts directly from their schools. Information concerning transcript requests is available on the Registrar's website. Transcripts will be issued only if the student’s financial record shows no outstanding obligation. Students also may view their unofficial transcripts using the SOLAR system. Official transcripts of work taken at other institutions, which have been presented for admission or evaluation of credit, cannot be copied or reissued. If a transcript of work is needed, it should be obtained directly from the appropriate institution.

SOLAR System

Stony Brook’s student online access system, the SOLAR system provides students with access to course information, semester class schedules, class registration, unofficial transcripts, financial aid, billing and payment information as well as links to other important sites such as academic calendars. Access is through the student’s Stony Brook ID and password.

Change of Address

Students must maintain an up-to-date home and mailing address through the SOLAR system. International students must report changes of address to the Office of VISA and Immigration Services. Current and former employees of the University must make changes through Human Resource Services.

Change of Name

Students must report changes of name to the Health Sciences Office of Student Services. To change your name you must complete the name change form, available on the Registrar's website. For name changes you must provide two forms of documentation of the new name. Examples of documentation are: driver’s license, passport, marriage certificate, court action documents, social security card or professional license. At least one document must be a photo identification. Current and former employees of the University must make changes through Human Resource Services.

Academic Notice

Students who are the subject of warnings, probation, dismissal, or termination will be notified in writing by their school. The notice will indicate the action which has occurred to cause a change in status; the duration of the status or the response required to modify the status; whether there is an appeal mechanism and its time limits; and who should be contacted for further information. If dismissal from a school is involved, the student will be advised of the date when he/she will become eligible for consideration for readmission.

student educational records


Please refer to the guidelines and procedures on the Registrar's website regarding student educational records.


Students in the Health Sciences programs are required to comply with the training requirements related to privacy and security provisions of HIPAA and to abide by the University’s policies and procedures related to HIPAA.

Information about HIPAA and training will be provided by the individual Health Sciences schools at orientation.

Research Involving Human Subjects

Experiments conducted by Stony Brook personnel, on or off campus, in which human subjects are involved are required to be reviewed and approved by the campus Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects (CORIHS) before they can begin. Please consult their website for additional information.

Research Involving Safety Considerations

Questions regarding research safety considerations should be directed to the appropriate school or program and may also be directed to the Office of Research Compliance.

Equivalent Opportunity/Religious Absences

Some students may be unable to attend classes on certain days because of religious beliefs. The Health Sciences Schools follow University policies regarding equivalent opportunity/religious absences.  For more information, Undergraduate students should consult this link and Graduate students should refer to this link.

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