Health Sciences Bulletin


Student Criminal Background Checks

Please note, some Health Sciences programs require a criminal background check and students will not be allowed to attend classes unless the check is successfully completed. Additionally, students who are required to participate in a clinical experience are advised that some of the facilities they choose to select for their clinical placements may require students to submit to a criminal background check or drug screening as a prerequisite to a student’s placement at that facility. Such background checks may include, but not be limited to, Social Security trace, criminal history, drug testing, fingerprinting and sex offender registries. Students placed in a facility requiring a background check and/or drug screening are personally responsible for obtaining the background check or drug screen (including cost unless the clinical site is willing to assume the cost) and may bear the responsibility of delivering the required documentation to the facility. It will be the decision of the clinical site to determine acceptance of students into its clinical training programs.

Students who choose not to be subjected to a background check may select, but will not be guaranteed acceptance to, an alternate clinical site, and may not be able to complete program requirements needed for graduation.

The Health Sciences schools will assume no responsibility for obtaining student background checks or drug tests, paying for the background checks or drug tests, evaluating the results of the background checks or drug tests, or for providing the information to the clinical placement sites.

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